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4000 Series

Residential & Commercial

In closed environments, concentration of Carbon monoxide can easily rise to lethal levels. It is environmentally friendly, posing no risk of electrolyte leakage and can detect concentrations of Carbon monoxide as high as 1%.

Ultimate protection.
Monitor / Act / Prevent

EVRSafe 4000 Series sensors help to avert life threatening emergencies caused by the airborne presence of poisonous gas in a defined space. Each model is designed to detect one specific poisonous gas or chemical.

Don’t wait for an alarm

Stop the alarm from happening.

EVRSafe 4000 Series sensors will sound a built-in alarm before

life threatening levels of gas are present, and will automatically

activate any connected third-party safety systems.

Product features:

The EVRSafe 4000 Series are a 3 stage system, which constantly monitor the airborne presence of poisonous gas in a defined space, and allow you to view real-time gas readings, reading

trends & history remotely from your computer or mobile device.

Connect up to unlimited individual units wirelessly 
for ultimate protection and ensure every corner of your investment is protected.

Key Features:

/ 3-in-1 Alarm

/ Highly sensitive, precision 3 stage alarm

/ Wireless connection of multiple units

/ Monitor gas levels remotely in real time*

/ Slimline design for home & business

/ Ethernet, battery or 12V powered*

/ Interfaces with third party safety systems (eg. Activate fans, open vents etc.)

/ View & archive time & date stamped reading logs via your online portal

/ Meets UL2034, EN50291 & RoHS requirements

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Models & Suggested Applications:


Carbon Monoxide
Hotels & offices / Recreational, passenger & marine vehicles / Enclosed car parks & garages


Formaldehyde of Solvent Vapors
Factories / Workshops / Building sites


Propane / Butane / LPG
Recreational, passenger & marine vehicles / Commercial kitchens / Warehouse storage facilities


R-22 (Refrigerant Gas)
Cool rooms / Plant rooms / Air conditioning / Cold stores

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