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5000M Series

Commercial & Industrial

The 5000 series is a fixed heavy-duty gas detection system ideal for commercial & passenger shipping vessels, as well as mining & Industrial applications.

Industrial Strength Protection

Able to stand to the harshest conditions, the EVRSafe 5000M is a single-sensor, multi-toxic gas detection system that is perfect for almost any commercial or industrial enviroment.

Industrial Safety System.

EVRSafe 5000 Series sensors directly connect to a network or server point, enabling on-site or remote monitoring of readings and warnings via a secure network. Comprehensive readings and reports can be accessed online for monitoring levels or averting emergencies.

Data readings and reports are highly accurate and selective and are sent directly to your online portal securely from the EVRSafe system server when the 5000M Series sensore are connected to a network.

Simulation Detection of:

/ Bromide

/ Carbon Monixide

/ CFC's

/ Combustibles

/ Hydrocarbons

/ LPG / Propane / Butane

/ Nitrogen dioxide

System Configuration:

5000_EVRSafe brand_small.png
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